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MAPPLETRADEX Radar instantly detects extreme increases and decreases in coins and instantly notifies you. By analyzing the coin like this, you can see if it is being manipulated. So you can make a larger profit by keeping your BTCs in the way that is most beneficial.Tracking - track the latest cryprocurrency news, ranking and key indicators daily.There are also few interesting indicators such as Inflation graph and CMGR (Compound Monthly Growth Rate)


Arbitrage is basically buying a security in one market and simultaneously selling it in another market at a higher price,profiting from the temporary difference in prices. This is considered riskless profit for the investor/trader.Arbitration service in the following exchanges Bittrex,Binance and Poloniex.Some traders could think it’s very easy to make profit from the difference of the prices on 2 platforms. Yes, it could be possible but don’t forget about hidden dangers. The main problem, during the operation the exchange rate can significantly change. You can minify the risk if you will have fiat money and cryptocurrency on both platforms. There are few other problems such as small available volumes for the price you are interested on, orders execution delays, transactions fees


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